Bandit SB Golf Ball
Small Ball Technology.

Small Ball Technology and High C.O.R. Formula for the Ultimate in Illegally Long Distance

Additional Distance with ALL Clubs from Tee to Green Makes Courses Shorter and Easier.

Features & Benefits


Bandit Golf balls are designed and engineered to Exceed the Rules of Golf and provide Golfers with Tour Quality Products that DO NOT Conform with USGA or R&A Rules.

The High Quality Game Improvement Bandit Products are Designed to Make the Great Game of Golf More Fun and Enjoyable!

WARNING:  Bandit Golf Products DO NOT appear on any USGA or R & A Conforming Product Lists.

Side Pole Alignment

Bandit SB Golf Balls feature an imprinted Side Pole Alignment arrow for more accurate putting.


Double Digit Numerical Marking System

Bandit SB Golf Balls use a double digit numerical marking system.  Each dozen contains a 3 Ball sleeve of each #


Small ball History.

Until 1990, golf’s governing bodies, the USGA and R&A, held differing opinions on the size of the golf ball, leading to the use of two distinct ball sizes in competitions worldwide. The USGA stipulated a minimum diameter of 1.68 inches, while the R&A enforced a minimum diameter of 1.62 inches.

The larger variant, dubbed the “American Ball,” was predominant in USGA-governed areas, while the smaller version, known as the “Small Ball” or “British Ball,” was favored under R&A regulations. Despite the seemingly minor difference in size, it had a significant impact on the ball’s flight, with the smaller ball exhibiting longer and straighter trajectories compared to its larger counterpart.

Evidence of this phenomenon can be seen in American golfers’ widespread adoption of the smaller British ball during international competitions governed by R&A rules, such as the British Open or Ryder Cup.

Notably, the small Wilson Staff “British Ball” used by Palmer to clinch victory in the 1961 Open at Royal Birkdale is showcased at the World Golf Hall of Fame. In an interview at the 2017 Memorial Tournament, Jack Nicklaus remarked, “The small ball back then was probably about the length of the golf ball we have today. We hit it about 50 yards further.” In 1974, the R&A mandated the larger 1.68″ ball for the Open Championship.

However, it wasn’t until January 1, 1990, that the Rules of Golf were revised, and the USGA and R&A agreed upon a standardized minimum size of 1.68 inches in diameter. The era of the “Small Ball” or “British Ball” was officially brought to an end, consigned to the annals of golfing history.


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