Bandit MD Golf Ball
Maximum Distance.

The Bandit MD “Maximum Distance” golf ball has been the cornerstone of the company since the initial introduction in 2005.  Over the years the Bandit “Maximum Distance” golf ball evolved with new technology to provide the ultimate in distance and durability with improved feel and spin.

Even with the modifications and improvements, the Bandit MD golf ball provides the same record-breaking distances that broke 5 Guinness® World Records for distance and golf ball velocity.

Features & Benefits

Bandit Golf balls are designed and engineered to Exceed the Rules of Golf and provide Golfers with Tour Quality Products that DO NOT Conform with USGA or R&A Rules.

The High Quality Game Improvement Bandit Products are Designed to Make the Great Game of Golf More Fun and Enjoyable.

WARNING:  Bandit Golf Products DO NOT appear on any USGA or R & A Conforming Product Lists.

Single Digit Low Number Marking System

Bandit MD Golf Balls use a traditional single digit low number marking system.  Each dozen contains a 3 Ball sleeve of each #


Guinness ® Records and Claim #’s.

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