Bandit MD-488
Ti Driver.

The Bandit 488-MD Titanium driver provides the ultimate in additional distance and forgiveness on your tee shots. The driver features an elegant laser gold finish, but the true beauty is in the performance. The minute your golfing partners hear the distinct sound at contact they will be further impressed when they witness the jaw dropping distance.

Features & Benefits

AVAILABLE:  Men’s and Ladies Right Hand 10.5° Loft Only

OPTIONAL:  Unique Bandit Golf Headcover!

Bandit Golf products are designed and engineered to Exceed the Rules of Golf and provide Golfers with Tour Quality Products that DO NOT Conform with USGA or R&A Rules.

The High Quality Game Improvement Bandit Products are Designed to Make the Great Game of Golf More Fun and Enjoyable!

WARNING:  Bandit Golf Products DO NOT appear on any USGA or R & A Conforming Product Lists.

Why the Bandit Driver is Illegally long!

Why Bigger is Better

A larger driver has a higher moment of inertia and subsequently makes it easier to hit the ball straight even on off-center shots. Bigger is far more forgiving especially on those bad swings that normally result in lost distance and penalty shots!

How COR Works

When the clubface collides with the golf ball there is a loss of energy.  This is because the face flexes inward and the ball compresses against the face.  The ball loses more energy upon impact because it smashes to give as much as 30% of its diameter against the face of the driver.  The higher COR face design allows the face to flex inward a little more so that the ball is not compressed as much against the face.  When that happens, the face loses a small bit of energy but the ball loses a lot less energy than before because it is compressed so much less.

Result & Benefit

The ball takes off at a higher velocity and flies farther!  The higher Non-conforming COR means more distance regardless of your clubhead speed.

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