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Bandit Golf, founded with a commitment to crafting top-tier game improvement products, offers golfers a distinct advantage over standard Conforming USGA equipment. Established in the Spring of 2004, Bandit Golf swiftly gained acclaim as a leading manufacturer of U.S.G.A. non-conforming golf balls. Notably, in May 2006, Bandit “Maximum Distance” golf balls shattered five long-standing Guinness® World Records for golf ball distance and velocity during an Extreme Long Drive event. The feat garnered widespread recognition, with company President Jeff Bennett featured in a special U.S. Open section of the June 2006 Wall Street Journal.

With rapid distribution expansion, Bandit “Maximum Distance” golf balls became readily available at premier Off Course Golf Specialty Pro Shops, Sporting Goods stores, Catalogue companies, and top Retail Golf websites nationwide. Over the years, Bandit Golf has continually leveraged cutting-edge technologies to enhance the feel and performance of its flagship product, the Bandit “Maximum Distance” golf ball.

In February 2011, the company diversified its high-quality product range to include the innovative Bandit Power-Lock golf glove, crafted from superior tour-quality cabretta leather. Featuring a double Velcro closure with the Power-Lock wrist strap, this glove offers unparalleled performance on the course. In January 2017, Bandit Golf introduced the groundbreaking Bandit MD-488 Ti Driver, integrating state-of-the-art materials and technology to deliver the thinnest, most durable U.S.G.A. non-conforming Hi-COR cup face design.

Building on this momentum, 2018 marked another milestone with the launch of the Bandit SB golf ball. Boasting a smaller U.S.G.A. non-conforming 1.65” diameter, this innovative addition further solidifies Bandit Golf’s commitment to revolutionizing the golfing experience.

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Bandit Golf™ is your dedicated partner in enhancing your golfing experience with premium game improvement equipment tailored for the “Weekend Warrior” or recreational golfer. If you’re seeking more enjoyment, lower scores, increased distance off the tee, or even a competitive edge over your friends, look no further than Bandit Golf™.

While golf is undeniably a fantastic sport, its inherent difficulty can lead to frustration for many players. Compounded by the strict regulations set forth by the United States Golf Association (USGA), navigating the game can feel daunting. At Bandit Golf™, we deeply respect the USGA and endorse their rules and equipment standards for professional tournaments. However, we understand that the majority of golfers play for leisure, exercise, socialization, and business networking. Our mission is simple: to ensure that golf remains enjoyable for all.

With Bandit Golf™, you can trust in our commitment to delivering high-quality, performance-enhancing equipment designed to elevate your game and maximize your enjoyment on the course. Whether you’re looking to improve your performance, have more fun, or simply enhance your overall golfing experience, we have the products you need to achieve your goals. Join us in making golf more enjoyable, one swing at a time.

Over the years, the landscape of golf has witnessed significant fluctuations, experiencing both periods of remarkable growth and downturns. Despite its enduring popularity, a notable segment of golf enthusiasts has found themselves disheartened and disengaged from the game, with many even abandoning it altogether. For numerous players, the source of their frustration stems from challenges such as diminishing distance due to factors like age or health-related issues.

Compounding these woes for recreational golfers is the advent of new technologies, which have bestowed PGA Tour professionals with even greater distance capabilities. Furthermore, golf courses are now being constructed with longer and more challenging layouts, adding to the difficulties faced by recreational players.

However, there’s no need to let the increasing length of golf courses or the loss of distance dampen your enjoyment of the game. Embrace a fulfilling golfing experience with Bandit equipment, designed to enhance your performance and elevate your enjoyment on the course. Don’t let obstacles deter you from pursuing your passion for golf—equip yourself with Bandit gear and rediscover the thrill of the game.

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